Khmer Rouge on Trial

Photojournalist Nic Dunlop follows the trail of mass murder in Cambodia and finds a previously undiscovered secret prison once run by the Khmer Rouge. In a chance meeting 10 years ago, photographer and author Nic Dunlop discovered one of Cambodia’s most notorious mass murderers — Comrade Duch. As the head of the Khmer Rouge’s secret prison, S-21, Duch had intimate knowledge of the mechanics of mass murder. Ten years after Dunlop’s exposé, he returns to Cambodia with director and producer Orlando de Guzman of Archipelago TV to look for another prison allegedly run by Duch in the Cambodian countryside. The prison is called M-99, and as many as 20,000 Cambodians may have been sent there to be tortured and executed. Nic Dunlop returns to Cambodia on the eve of a UN-backed tribunal, which is finally prosecuting 5 of the top Khmer Rouge leaders, including Duch. But the tribunal is struggling to make itself understood to ordinary Cambodians, many of whom know little or nothing about its existence.

CLIENT  :  Al Jazeera English: People & Power
DATE  :  March 2009
  • Al Jazeera